Friday, 28 September 2012

Brazil is looking for more trade links to build a better economy

A man, clean shaven, with short straight dark brown swept back hair wearing a suit jacket, white shirt and blue tieThe Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron, went to Brazil on a trip to the America for several reasons like to be more known and to creates competitive economic. He got there also for a political approach to say the point of view of the UK on the US most popular TV show. He first stopped for his two days visit to Brazil, where he was waited by the Trade Minister of Brazil, Lord Green and by a 40-strong business delegation. He then joined the Brazil’s commercial capital Sao Poala (the most economic relevant city in the country) which was hold by the 40-strong business delegation. He also had a talk with president Dilma Rousseff during his time. M. Cameron was in Brazil to create good trade links and for economic reason, sine the country has one of the most emerging economic in the world at the moment. The Prime Minister believes that it is a good occasion to UK contractors to share the experiences gained with the 2012 London’s Olympics Games to create work in Rio. Therefore, if the Brazil creates good trade link with important country like United Kingdom, it will even more emerge from other and be an even more competitive country that has to offer more services.

Alexis Poulin

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