Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Is it possible for Brazil and the US to deepen their trade relationship?

Is it a possible thing that two complete opposite views on how one should run their economy  in their countries as Brazil and the United States to have a better trade relationship? To me this is impossible if the US does not want to change their view on regulation policies in the economy, because United States believe in deregulating the economy and that the Brazilian government has seen what it can cause as damage to do so in the economy, and it is very improbable that Brazil change their policies on their economy radically to have better a trade relationship with the United States. The only way I can see this relationship growing is if the US does not mind having treaded with a country where the economy is regulated by the government and this to my eye is not possible because it would show that the US need those good relationships and not vies versa.
By: Addley moise

Good News for PetroBras

The state-controlled Brazilian petroleum company, PetroBras has found a new source of oil and natural gas in the Solimoes basin situated in the Amazon. This news source reported that this source "has the capacity to produce 1,400 barrels per day of good-quality light oil and 45,000 cubic meters per day of natural gas"

This is an interesting news story, judging that Brazil has had a record-setting low of deforestation in the region. I totally believe this new discovery might endanger their 2020 goals to reduce deforestation by 80%. Pumping the oil of of this area will probably require severe deforestation efforts to build the proper machinery. Moreover, pipelines will have to be built, which will also impact deforestation. The good side, however, is that PetroBras will have another source of oil and will probably import less, helping the economy of the country directly.

By Alexis Pelletier

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Brazil close to 2020 target to reduce deforestation

Amazon Forest

Deforestation in Brazil has hit a record low according to this website. They claim that "1,798 square miles (4,656 square kilometers) of the Amazon were deforested between August 2011 and July 2012, Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said a news conference. That's 27 percent less than the 2,478 square miles (6,418 square kilometers) deforested a year earlier" Moreover, "Brazil is close to its 2020 target of reducing deforestation by 80 percent from 1990 levels. Through July 2012 deforestation dropped by 76.26 percent."

Even though the goal is far from being met, the preservation of the Amazon is very important. This website  claims the Brazilian rainforest enables the growing of an indigenous species, the Acai berry. The preservation of nature is also very important for the development of medicine. The Brazilian government try to develop the Amazon without having to cut trees. Making national parks would be a good incentive for the state and might even promote Eco-tourism.

By Alexis Pelletier

Government intervention in the slums of Rio

Panoramic view of Favela da Rocinha 

The slums of Rio de Favela was the perfect example of a powerless society. Gangs such as the Amigos di Amigos enacted in illegal activities constantly in those places because of the lack of authority in the region. Lately, the state has decided to take over the slums by setting up "pacification units" in the Favela. These units seem to be a way for the Brazilian government to set up a police force in the region,as a way to help control the population.However, an interesting question arises: was this attempt to bring control to the slums favorable for the people already living there or as a way to promote business?

According to this article, i believe the only reason the Brazilian government decided to enforce this area was for economic reasons. The fact that the pacification units where placed primarily in locations that where primarily tourist attractions is only one of many examples. The Los Angeles times reported that "Rocinha (the slum in question) is an obvious candidate for property appreciation, or speculation, as the case may be." The people living in these slums believe the police authority there is violent, which seems to make the situation even worst. I believe the Brazilian government wants to develop this area for the good of the rich, and not the low-income people of Rocinha

By Alexis Pelletier

Everything will be green for Rio 2016

It is official the governement is planning to invest £320 billion in infrastructure and urban developement for the upcoming 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. The SBS(Sustainable Building Solutions) had a meeting with the Brazilian Group who are going to construct, update all the sites needed for 2 consecutive succesfull events in the Rio area.  It is very important for the brazilian community and also everybody that live surrounding the kind of environment they have such has the huge amazonia. The group explained how they would minimize the environmental impact. Some of the thing they have thought about also is providing thermally modelled construction drawings, training courses, a freephone helpline and on-site services. More and more information are going to be available very soon. But for now it is all we have.

London help Brazil!!!

The London Olympic organising commitee, has decided to help Brazil with the coming 2016 Olympic. This decision has nothing to do with the contreversial stolen file incident, that took place in September while nine Rio employees lost their jobs. "We want to assist Rio and other future organisers with the London experience," Coe said. "We will share our learning and we are willing to help out in all areas." The brazilian response was :"We thank the British government and LOCOG for all the information exchange." Fernandes said.

This is a great news for Brazil for many reasons, London was of a great success in all the Olympics that took place since its beginning. And I am sure that the help that they will give to other Olympic events are only going to make them even greater.

Congradulation, this is a great news, and I think , as watcher of the Olympics, we will be the winners in all this due to the extremely good show that will be put out there for us!!!!

From Montreal to Jersey passing through Brazil!!!

Corruption here in Montreal and what happen in brazil is the proof that it is a practice very popular ... And not only here.  The former mayor of Sao Paolo Mr. Paul Maluf is accused of corruption. with the upcoming events of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics the president Dilma Rousseff, the Brazil is trying to get rid of the corryption in the area. A good way to start was with Maluf, who his a one of Brazil's richest and most powerful men. He has been found guilty of stealing millions from Brazilian taxpayers and hidding this money in a secret bank account in Jersey. The company he own was mostly getting road contract from the government. Him and his son has been were found guitly of of fraud, theft and abuse their power. Similar alegation have been place on them in the USA, they are accused by the federal american court of fraud and theft. Between 1993 and 1996,only, they would have made over $344 millions, the Maluf father and son have been ordered to pay back $10.5 milions plus the interest, to the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Municipality of Sao Paulo.  This amount of money doest reprensent the quater of what they have make out of all this. I hope they will do jail time, and not in Brazil but in the USA. Many more charges are probably going to be put against them due to the great mediatisation of this events. Apparently fears has also been used by the two in the past (intimidation), in 2005 while they were in court, because the police had proof of them trying to corrupt the state, they would have intimidated witnesses. My guess is that it is still not over!!!
 Paulo Maluf

                                                                               Flavio Maluf