Tuesday, 6 November 2012

U.S on the edge of a financial crisis will affect Brazil economy

If the United States raised their taxes and cuts in the government spending this could put the U.S back in a recession because they will have to pay more and have less to spend and invest. Brazil economy is doing better economically than many countries these days by having a small growth in their economy. This recession would affect the Brazil economy and might put them in a recession because every country would get affected by these cries.  The United States have trade and economic links with many countries that relay on the U.S economy and even though Brazil is starting to get more trade going with china. I think that investors in other country would stop looking to invest in other emerging countries like Brazil because in a recession it’s not time to invest but save as much money as one can. This is why it would affect negatively the economy of Brazil.

By: Addley Moise

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