Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Is it possible for Brazil and the US to deepen their trade relationship?

Is it a possible thing that two complete opposite views on how one should run their economy  in their countries as Brazil and the United States to have a better trade relationship? To me this is impossible if the US does not want to change their view on regulation policies in the economy, because United States believe in deregulating the economy and that the Brazilian government has seen what it can cause as damage to do so in the economy, and it is very improbable that Brazil change their policies on their economy radically to have better a trade relationship with the United States. The only way I can see this relationship growing is if the US does not mind having treaded with a country where the economy is regulated by the government and this to my eye is not possible because it would show that the US need those good relationships and not vies versa.
By: Addley moise

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