Tuesday, 27 November 2012

From Montreal to Jersey passing through Brazil!!!

Corruption here in Montreal and what happen in brazil is the proof that it is a practice very popular ... And not only here.  The former mayor of Sao Paolo Mr. Paul Maluf is accused of corruption. with the upcoming events of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics the president Dilma Rousseff, the Brazil is trying to get rid of the corryption in the area. A good way to start was with Maluf, who his a one of Brazil's richest and most powerful men. He has been found guilty of stealing millions from Brazilian taxpayers and hidding this money in a secret bank account in Jersey. The company he own was mostly getting road contract from the government. Him and his son has been were found guitly of of fraud, theft and abuse their power. Similar alegation have been place on them in the USA, they are accused by the federal american court of fraud and theft. Between 1993 and 1996,only, they would have made over $344 millions, the Maluf father and son have been ordered to pay back $10.5 milions plus the interest, to the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Municipality of Sao Paulo.  This amount of money doest reprensent the quater of what they have make out of all this. I hope they will do jail time, and not in Brazil but in the USA. Many more charges are probably going to be put against them due to the great mediatisation of this events. Apparently fears has also been used by the two in the past (intimidation), in 2005 while they were in court, because the police had proof of them trying to corrupt the state, they would have intimidated witnesses. My guess is that it is still not over!!!

 Paulo Maluf

                                                                               Flavio Maluf

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