Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Government intervention in the slums of Rio

Panoramic view of Favela da Rocinha 

The slums of Rio de Favela was the perfect example of a powerless society. Gangs such as the Amigos di Amigos enacted in illegal activities constantly in those places because of the lack of authority in the region. Lately, the state has decided to take over the slums by setting up "pacification units" in the Favela. These units seem to be a way for the Brazilian government to set up a police force in the region,as a way to help control the population.However, an interesting question arises: was this attempt to bring control to the slums favorable for the people already living there or as a way to promote business?

According to this article, i believe the only reason the Brazilian government decided to enforce this area was for economic reasons. The fact that the pacification units where placed primarily in locations that where primarily tourist attractions is only one of many examples. The Los Angeles times reported that "Rocinha (the slum in question) is an obvious candidate for property appreciation, or speculation, as the case may be." The people living in these slums believe the police authority there is violent, which seems to make the situation even worst. I believe the Brazilian government wants to develop this area for the good of the rich, and not the low-income people of Rocinha

By Alexis Pelletier

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