Tuesday, 27 November 2012

London help Brazil!!!

The London Olympic organising commitee, has decided to help Brazil with the coming 2016 Olympic. This decision has nothing to do with the contreversial stolen file incident, that took place in September while nine Rio employees lost their jobs. "We want to assist Rio and other future organisers with the London experience," Coe said. "We will share our learning and we are willing to help out in all areas." The brazilian response was :"We thank the British government and LOCOG for all the information exchange." Fernandes said.

This is a great news for Brazil for many reasons, London was of a great success in all the Olympics that took place since its beginning. And I am sure that the help that they will give to other Olympic events are only going to make them even greater.

Congradulation, this is a great news, and I think , as watcher of the Olympics, we will be the winners in all this due to the extremely good show that will be put out there for us!!!!


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