Thursday, 15 November 2012

Great Carnival upcoming in Brazil!

Carnivals are one of the most popular and seriously taken events in Brazil. So actually in the streets of Rio the Janiero, there is people celebrating for the name of Joaquim Barbosa, the country’s first black Supreme Court Justice. In his honor, there has been plenty of Mask of Joaquim distributed to people. He is mostly known for its rigor via rules, good independence, and regular decision with the justice. The 58 years old man doesn’t smile easily, but when he is talking, the nation listens and appreciates each of his words.
That Barbosa is even hearing the case is the stuff of fables. The son of a bricklayer, he grew up in an adobe home in Paracatu, a backwater in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. His schoolmates remember him as an obstinate, self-absorbed boy who read everything he could get his hands on and liked to sing bits of songs in foreign languages. His break came when Barbosa’s family moved to Brasília, then the new national capital, where a dedicated student could rise to public service. Barbosa went to law school and joined the state’s attorney office. He went on to earn his doctorate at the Sorbonne and then lecture at Columbia University and UCLA. Besides his native Portuguese, Barbosa speaks fluent English, French, German, and Italian. Nominated to the bench in 2003, he will soon take over as the country’s chief justice. (Margolis, 2012)
Barbosa has a beautiful historic over corruption trial and over deciding the fate of Brazil’s most powerful poiliticians. One of his main accomplishments is when he led the way to get an old but very corrupted situation including 11 members of the high court plus the one that has given the chance to Joaquim to join the high court. So, even though former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s administration has given the opportunity to be there, the first black Supreme Court Justice has done everything he could to demystify a fraud of that organisation on tax pay and unreported loans to pay off campaign debt.
Margolis, M. (2012, 10 22). World News. Retrieved 11 14, 2012, from The Daily Beast:

Alexis Poulin

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