Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A concept based around nature

Here are three very interesting video about the villages and the infrastructure that have been built and modified, those that will be build in the future to held such  a big event like the Olympis. What I have found very interesting about this project, that was accepted by the Olympic commitee few days ago, is that Brazil even more Rio de Janeiro is a very touristic place and the environment is very important for them due to the huge tropical region that they have. There ecosystem is very important. I found the project interesting because they are looking at how they will make it, so it can be environmentally friendly but also how they will turn these infrastructure after the competition and we can see that nothing is going to be left empty. Many of the infrastucture will be transformed in hotel, shopping center and some in residence. 

The 3d plan with explanation.

The actual plan with what they want to do later on with the sites.

The Olympic instalations and the one that will be used for the FIFA World Cup

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