Thursday, 25 October 2012

Homophobic, death threats in Brazil

15 important gay activists in Brazil receive death threats in the last few weeks. Some saying: 'You are going to die, you, your husband and your son. Your mother is a dyke'. their is huge concern right now in Brazil because the report on Homophobic Violence in Brazil in 2011 brought out by the human rights secretariat is very alarming. I couldn't find the result of the 2011 report but I have found the one of 2010 which is also very concerning. Out of the 15 activist 3 has already declared that they would quite their function. However, some like Reis' who receive the horrible threat I gave you higher, said very hopeful things.

‘In my case the attacks only strengthens my determination to pursue LGBT rights advocacy more vigorously.
‘They won’t intimidate me.’

According to the result given by the 2011 report the state of Parana is in 5th place for the violence done to the LGBT community.
In the state of ParanĂ¡ 424 complaints were received in 2011 alone. In the same year the national total was 6,809 violations. And this is only those that are reported to the authority, at the emergency number 1-00(our 9-11).
A report suggests the risk of a gay man being murdered in Brazil is 800% higher than in the US, in 2011 216 LGBT person have been killed in brazil, this is 6 more than in 2010.

These threats are due I believe to the recognition of same sex union in may by the suprem court, lots of tension is in the Latin America, the hard work of activist has paid of but at what price? Latin America have usually and traditionally had very little success.

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