Thursday, 18 October 2012

Brazil’s natural gas predictions on production by 2020

This was a very Brazil article in which we can see some explicit prediction of the ANP General Director Magda Chambriard over the natural gas condition right now. He mentioned that between 2016 and 2018 there will be 21 new gas/oil/fuel platforms opening and all of them should be functional. The platforms are supposed to be a huge part of the new development of gas and oil in the Offshore region. They also said that from now to 2020 the production should rise to double! It means that they are producing in average 66 millions of cubic–meters of gas a day but they want to bring it up to 120 cubic-meters a day that will give a huge advantage to the Brazilian economy and indirectly the whole society. Therefore, Ms. Magda Chambriard the only that is developing the most this revolutionary project is PetroBras, which actually has 90% of all Gas/oil production. 

Alexis Poulin

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