Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The official emblem for the World Cup in Brazil

The FIFA and the Brazil Local Organising Commitee(LOC) were looking for very specific criteria for the oficial emblem that would reprensent the 2014 world cup. The emblem is very important because it is going to be the identity given for the World Cup, but also to the fans and the commercial aspect realted with the sport event.Brazil is  country that has a very rich traditional cultural heritage, so they wanted the emblem to have a strong visual reprensentation of the event and the host country.Another thing that is to be considered in this process is that Brazil is ‘ rapidly emerging asone of the worlds most modern and influential economies’(www.fifa.com retrieved 20/09/2012). The process used by the FIFA and the LOC to choose what the emblem will be, was given to 25 selected brazilian based agencies to submit design, that would reflect the host country but also the competition that is the World Cup. Seven persons were selected from the influent community of Brazil to be part of the commitee that would decide what the emblem was going to look like. This commitee was held by themodern architect Oscar Niemeyer, the designer Hans Donner, the super model Gisele Bundchen, the author Paulo Coelho, the signer and actress Ivete Sangalo, Ricardo Teixeira is the president of the brazilia football federation and also president of the LOC and Jerome Valcke is the FIFA general secretary. They receive a total of 125 design submissions for the emblem design. One of the thing that was to be considered during the selection is that each emblem, though the year, has a specific identity and a unique image to be projected for the world. The design that was finally choose was choosen because of its variety of image and interpretation possible. Let’s start with the color yellow, green and blue were used, it has been argued that the choice of these colors were simply because they are the color reprensented on the Brazilian country flag other say it was for other reason. The golden yellow would represent the sun reflection on the beautiful beaches while the green would represent the famous huge tropcal region in Brazil and the blue the water that is very present with the large river and the ocean that coast partially the country. The three hands connected  are supposed to be representing te world most famous trophy, but again some people advanced that it could represent thefive world cup won  by brazilin its history.These speculation are coming from the fact that the design is portionally unconnected and it give an illusion of having 5 diferent part that are interconnected but not linked together. However, I do agree more with the humanitarian notion of the hand interlinked and of the warmly welcoming color that the brazilian flag has. Which give a very beautiful emblem to Brazil for the upcomin 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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