Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Head of COB re-elected

Carlos Nuzman this name came out few weeks ago, out in the newspaper, because files would have been stolen from the Olympic committee of London and people seem to assume it was the one to blame. well' apparently the people there didn't believe that because he was re-elected as being the head of the Committee Olympic of Brazil. Out of 30 members only one vote against his re-election and two did not show up. Which gave him the position right away.

A little more that should be know about this man is that he is 70 years old, from Rio and his profession is lawyer. How did he ended up being president of the COB which he is for the last 17 years? He was an athletes in the volleyball Brazilian team and went to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and 11 years later he was named president of the Brazilian volleyball federation. However its only in 1995 that he became president of the COB. He is also part of the international Olympics committee since 2000.

"The guilty party in such cases never surfaces but we know very well the COB president is to blame." This is what Romario said in a message posted on his official website, describing the affair as "shameful". Romário de Souza Faria, commonly known as Romario, is the former FC Barcelona striker and 1994 World Cup winner, and now a socialist lawmaker. He also had that it was unfair to have COB election due to the fact that Nuzman had no opponent.

On the left is Romario and on the right is Nuzman

P.S: Probably the last time they have been seen together.

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